We are specialists in individually personalized treatments because each patient is different, each treatment must be personalized. We offer our clients the most advanced treatment for their ailment.

Terapeutic Massages

We know that our grand tool as physiotherapists, our hands, can be the solution to your muscular contracture, to your limfatic or sports overload…

Our hands, our treasure shared with you.View more

Therapeutic pilates

Our physitherapists carry out a personal study, setting your objectives, elastifying and musculating to your needs to be and feel in good shape.

Our classes are carried out in small groups, always leaded by physiotherapists and always fulfilling the health regulations of Covid-19.

Sport physiotherapy

With our specialist in Sports Physiotherapy Ana Amengual, from a prompt recovery from your injury, we offer you a physical maintenance for your best sports performance, or preparation to arrive in the best physiscal condition to your competition. We care to reach to the maximum of your physical capacity to achieve your sports goals, whether you are children, youth or adult.

Child physiotherapy

The youngests of the house and teenagers can improve their health and growth thanks to physiotherapy. From growth unbalances, recurrent sprains, muscle shortening, scoliosis, Sever's disease, spasticities, child brain paralysis, Osgood -Schlatter's disease ...

Obstetric Physiotherapy

We offer you the best hands to make your pregnancy the best experience

Traumatological physiotherapy

Our long professional history of acute or chronic injuries of the musculoskeletal system makes your treatment with us a success. View more

Oncological physiotherapy

During or after your cancer treatment we help you reagin your health and well-being.

Physiotherapy of the TMJ (temporo-mandibular- joint)

We offer physiotherapy as a complement for a recovery from swallowing problems, bruxism, bad occlusions ...

Shock waves

This new technology, radial shock waves, allows us to solve in a non-invasive way pathologies such as: tendonitis, calcifications, bursitis, plantar fascitis, etc ... acute or chronic quickly