Rehabilitación 2010 is a physical recovery centre that offers its services since 1981 founded by Jordi Amengual.

We are at the forefront of all the new tecniques and studies that scientifically prove to offer the best results for anyone to improme and regain their health and well-being.


Jordi Amengual

DUE & Physiotherapist – Col.nº 14
Especialista en Fisioterapia Traumatológica

Ana Amengual

Physiotherapist – Col.nº55
Specialist in Sport Physiotherapy
Specialist in Child Disability

Physiotherapist & responsibles of the whole team that form RHB2010 who follow a constant process of training, by carring out clinic sesions in our centre, attending to courses and conferences, etc…

rehabilitation facilities

Rehabilitación 2010 is a 500m2 center, adapted with different boxes for individual treatments and a large room for the different treatments that we offer for your recovery. We always maintain a comfortable, and especially safe, environment against Covid-19.

Tratamientos siempre en un ambiente confortable y sobretodo seguro frente al COVID-19.

  • Box de tratamientos
  • Microonoterapia
  • Laserterapia de Co2
  • Sala de rehabilitación
  • Sala de rehabilitación
  • Sala de rehabilitación
  • Electroterapia
  • Electroterapia
  • Electroterapia
  • Magnetoterapia
  • Magnetoterapia
  • Ondas de choque